Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dear Mathematician

by Elaine Walker, October 23, 2008

Dear Mathematician,
Category: Romance and Relationships
I have a lot of excess love to give 
That my mother gave to me
It's hard to keep it to myself
It's painful, in fact
When I see a man, displaying strength through tough times
Bracing for the worst
Yet weary moments showing through
In a quick facial expression or a short phrase
Like a mostly unnoticed sigh

Nothing is more beautiful than a man absorbed in mathematics 
For many hours
As far off as the galaxies
It is familiar and comforting
Like watching tennis with the men in my life
On a childhood afternoon
Or my mother's soft voice explaining with paper and pencil
The beauty of numbers

Your charming voice, your ashy hair, your intensity
Has always drawn me in


Musical calculations and philosophical musings 
In the room next door
We hear papers shuffle and keystrokes 
And long periods of silent concentration
Out into the hall and into your office

My love would have somewhere to flow