Friday, November 16, 2007

Alcor: Beating Death

November 16, 2007 
Current mood:  determined
Category: Life

Although I completely understand the cycle of life and death, the second half is just not my thing. So, along with many other people who wish they were born in the year 3000... drumroll...

I'm signing up for Alcor life extension (ie. being preserved in super cold liquid nitrogen when I die)! With life insurance it's surprisingly affordable. It is also nice that the premier cryonics company is in Phoenix. So when I am 122 years young, and my body has done all it can do, I will have the peace of mind that I may actually get to see the future, if and when the technology becomes available to reanimate my mind and memories. Most people don't want to live forever, but I do, mostly out of curiosity. If I wake up as a prisoner in a hostile society on another planet, I will deal. It will be better than being gone forever.

Once I read the latest updates on the procedure - and myth breakers - I decided to go ahead with it. They use liquid nitrogen which is natural extremely cold, so, no worries about the electricity going off. They now use a new "vitrification process" so that cells aren't frozen, causing the water ice to expand and crush the cells. Instead, they are cooled to below the glass transition temperature which causes way less damage. If you are interested in reading more, visit the Alcor website.

And... wish me luck if/when the time comes. :)